The Future of LOVE Park

  This is the last year that LOVE Park will look as we’ve always known it. Hargreaves Associates and KieranTimberlake are leading the design process for a revamp of one of Philly’s favorite parks. The new conceptual plan will be able to provide a place for different experiences throughout the year from seasonal festivals to performances to food...

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PWD, Mural Arts, and Venice Island

So have you checked out Venice Island yet? We hope so. If you haven’t gotten a chance to go, tonight starts the last weekend of the Venice Island Live festival and the island will be buzzing with life.     Make your way down to the island from the streets of Manayunk by following ‘Waterways’, the...

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Venice Island Live

  Venice Island in Manayunk really knows how to come to life on Thursday and Friday nights. Its six week summer event “Venice Island Live” has been going on since May, and will hold its last event this upcoming weekend. We got a chance to check it out this past week, and liked what we saw....

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Manayunk’s Oasis

  Venice Island lays just across the Lock Street Bridge from Main Street Manayunk. Nestled in between the Schuylkill River and the Manayunk Canal, the forgotten about island has been flourishing since its redevelopment in 2014. Venice Island was always a waterfront playground, and most recently provided activity in the form of a basketball court...


3D Printing Goes Life-Size

Our interest in 3D printing grew last fall when we purchased the MakerBot Z18 and started printing small scale objects in the office. In the world of 3D printing, complexity and scale depend on the machine or the technology that you use. The Netherlands based company, MX3D, has blown the idea of 3D fabrication out of the...

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Taste Philly, See Philly

This week activity in Philly focuses on the food and art scenes- two things that this city is exceptionally good at. Philadelphia has many neighborhoods, and as busy as we get it’s hard to say that we’ve experienced them all. Use this weekend to check Callowhill and Manayunk off of your list!   Night Market Philadelphia...

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MakerBot Z18 Review

Here at Designblendz we were excited to get into the 3D Printing community. I had visited the MakerBot store in Boston, and watched the documentary on Netflix, “Print the Legend” – needless to say we wanted one. In the fall of 2014 we purchased the brand new MakerBot Z18 3D Printer with a build volume...


Reading Viaduct Rail Park – Becoming a Reality

  Many and many ambitious projects have been dreamed up to transform our cities throughout the years, but it’s hard to get too excited knowing that they usually fall short. Funding was cut, care was lost, or a larger issue stood in its way. The Reading Viaduct Rail Park in Philadelphia is defying the normal...

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Neighborhood Time Exchange: West Philadelphia Artist Residency

  Local artists and the Philadelphia community are collaborating in an effort to seek a social revitalization in Philly neighborhoods. How exactly can artists help a community? For every hour that they spend working on their own projects in their studio, they’ll give an hour of volunteer service back. Based on their individual areas of...

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TransitScreen Comes to Philadelphia

Transportation apps, websites, and street signs merge into one on the real-time TransitScreen. TransitScreen is a transportation software and digital signage company that provides a live display of the various transit options in the area to help make smarter transportation decisions. Their intent is to create sustainable cities of the future that promote behavior change, and...

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The Bike Race Is Back!

  The streets of Philly come alive for the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic. The annual event features thousands of professional bicyclists racing around a 12.3 mile circuit throughout the streets of Manayunk, East Falls, Fairmount Park, and Kelly Drive.   Up first this year is the Men’s Race at 8 am. What may come as...

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Kick Off June in Philly

Summer is quickly approaching, and Philadelphia is starting it off with both a traditional city event, and an exciting new installation. Whether you’re coming from out of town, or being a tourist in your own city, both are worth checking out!   Philly Beer Week (May 29th – June 7th) Philly Beer Week is coming...

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Start of the Philadelphia Summer

Philadelphia has been making a successful effort to integrate pop-up parks and events that liven up the city in the summertime. Two of these hit summer attractions started up this past Memorial Day Weekend in our City of Brotherly Love, and are running until the end of the season.   Spruce Street Harbor Park After being...


What to Expect with 3D Printing

  3D Printing Experience 3D Printing in the past couple years has been gaining overwhelming attention from the masses. With the desktop 3D printer now readily available at Home Depot or Staples, it is clear that this is the technology of the future. 3D printing is available in a wide range of material, including PLA...

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Pre Construction Marketing

Market your real estate before construction begins.  At Designblendz this is a big part of our business.  We help architects, realtors, and developers market their projects before shovels hit the ground.  No longer do couples search for balloons on the weekend at street corners Saturday mornings.  Perspective home buyers are now looking for their homes...

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East Falls Regional Rail Development

4 NEW UNITS ENGAGE AN EMPTY CORNER OF THE EAST FALLS COMMUNITY  Kicking off Designblendz development portion of the blog, we will be touring and talking about new developments that are coming up locally in Philadelphia! Being a longtime R6 regional rail rider, I have seen the east falls area grow over the years. At...


Sounds of the City

Dominic Wilcox and James Rutherford Create an Audio Tour of the City


I Am Not An Architect

Licensing students as they receive their B.Arch can’t be a good idea.

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Top 3 Entrepreneurial Books for Designers

I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart. During my 3rd year in college I created Designblendz, which started as a blog and soon expanded into a full service architectural design company. We craft, design, and visualize ideas for architecture firms, developers, homeowners, and small businesses. Throughout my journey I read a few books along the...

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Bjarke Ingels Group: Yes Is More Book Review

Yes Is More is a monograph that is both graphically pleasing and a fun read while still teaching so much about the process of design, architecture, and urbanism. It is a walk through of BIG’s projects in comic book format that is sure to engage anyone who picks it up. 


Journal Squared

Hollwich Kushner (HWKN) and Handel Architects Take New Jersey to New Heights

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Website Maintenance Plans

Website Maintenance Plans Our team at Designblendz is dedicated to keeping your website up to date. We know how important and critical it is to your business that your website stays updated with your latest portfolio and products. Using a monthly program helps to level the cost of maintenance and management of your website. Our...

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Our Approach to a Customized Website Design Presence

At Designblendz our goal is to create a customized website design approach. Each of our clients is unique and has their own special niche within their industries. Our challenge is to find this niche, execute a successful design over their competitors to get them found more effectively on the web. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

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Ctrl + c

Immitation is the greatest form of flattery – Ctrl + c

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Princeton Architectural Press: Pamphlet Architecture

A series of books started by Steven Holl and William Stout in 1978 give designers a look into the thoughts and projects of a young generation of architects. With 34 volumes written by different architects, designers and theorists, there is bound to be a topic that will inspire you. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner,...


Snow Drawings

Artwork as delicate and temporary as the snow itself


Kingswood Fine Furniture

Title of Project: Kingswood Fine FurnitureDate: January 2014Location: Coatesville, PA

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Greensaw Design & Build

Greensaw Design studio tour shows us why customized work is better than mass production and how craftsmen are taking over modern design!